Dirty Dova is a New England style double IPA. The use of of premium American two row barley, whole and flaked oats and a heavy dosing of dry hops gives this beer its hazy appearance. Packed full of simcoe, mosaic, centennial and Amarillo hops and oozing with tropical fruit flavors and aromas there’s something new to explore with every pint. Keeping the bitterness low makes this 8.2% abv monster crazy drinkable.

Dirty Dova is OUT NOW in four packs of 12oz cans to the Memphis beer market! Look for it in the local Memphis craft beer aisle at your favorite store soon!


  • 8.2% ABV
  • 65 ibus Hops: simcoe, mosaic, centennial, Amarillo
  • Malts: American two row, flaked oats, whole oats.