About Meddlesome

A dream, a beer, and a business plan…

Somewhere in the back of our minds, we have that one thing that drives us. A vision, a dream, an opportunity. So seldom do people really know what they’re capable of until they act on their impulses. For us, Meddlesome Brewing Company was always there, in some shape or form. It was that nagging voice telling us to try harder, to never give up, and to achieve the dream at any cost. In meddling with convention, you can discover truths within the fringe. So began the Meddlesome spirit: Never fear meddling with convention in search of something greater. That, and we were meddling little shits growing up.

The beer has always been the reward. Nothing compares to the feeling of creating something from raw ingredients and the joy of sharing it with friends and family. People who drink good beer tend to be more honest, and if that beer sucks, or if it’s really good, you’ll hear about it. In developing beer for the Memphis market, we looked hard at our city. First, the food. Memphis is the BBQ capitol of the world, sure. But from a culinary standpoint, there are so many other exciting things happening here. Little-known fact: Beer has more food pairing options than wine. So finding the perfect Meddlesome brew to accompany a Memphis meal will be that much more enjoyable. Next, we wanted to capture the Memphis spirit. We had to create beers with the same personality: strong, tenacious, and unforgettable. No detail is overlooked — from sourcing ingredients to recipe development, we take the utmost care in delivering the best beer we can.

Impact. It’s incredible what kind of impact a brewery can have on its community. Whether it be a contribution to a local charity, or events that bring neighbors together, to the very ecosystem around them. Meddlesome pays close attention to the impact we have on our local community. To date Meddlesome has donated over $15,000 to local charities. Every light bulb in our facility is LED to help insure we are not wasting energy. We have installed a highly fuel efficient boiler to ensure we don’t waste gas. We partnered with a local Cattle Farmer to dispose of our grain so it doesn’t rot in a land fill somewhere. We have on demand water heaters for our brewing system to also help keep gas usage to a minimum. We reacclimate all of our waste water for cleaning and proper treatment for disposal. These things are not the easy way to do business, but it’s the right way.

There are few industries as fun, passionate, and caring as the brewing industry. There’s a sense of family and community, even among competitors, that is palpable. Without guidance and advice from our peers we would not have been able to achieve this dream. We set out to make clean, drinkable, classic American-style ales and lagers — with a nod to anarchy and disruption to the system, to meddle with convention. Meddlesome was built with love and community in our hearts. It was built by hand, with care, from nothing but a dream, a beer, and a business plan.