Black is Beautiful was conceived by Weathered Souls Brewing Co. out of San Antonio Texas as a collaborative brewing effort amongst the brewing community, with the hope of bringing awareness to injustice in our communities and to provide a platform to highlight the brewing industry’s continued commitment to operate as an inclusive place for everyone, of any color.
The brewing community in Memphis is close knit but we are often busy & competitive. We were very grateful for the opportunity to come together with our friends at Beale St. Brewing Co. and Memphis Made Brewing Co. to use our craft & our resources to give back to our city that has always supported us. We were afforded a moment to hit pause on the daily grind and truly engage with one another. We were reminded that we are a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Our unique life experiences and perspectives are what give us strength as a community. Taking part in this with all the breweries in Memphis really shows where are hearts are. A portion of the proceeds of this beer will be donated to MICAH. Be the change you want to see in the world.