Beers (Curious Series)

Our Flagship Beers.

The Curious series is an intro to our brand. All well balanced beers but with their own distinct characters. Our core three are for those Curious about craft beer and all it has to offer.


Brass Bellows

Our hand crafted Brass Bellows American Blonde Ale is one of only a handful of truly American beer styles. This beer is built for drinkability. Our use of American malt, European Hops, and a clean American Ale yeast gives this beer it’s distinct Flavor profile. Brass Bellows has been stoking the flames here at Meddlesome since 2016.


4.5% ABV


Hops: Hallertau

Grain: Premium Two row malted barley and Vienna

Yeast: American Ale


201 Hoplar

201 Hoplar is everything Memphis is! Strong, Flavorful and an unforgettable experience. Chocked full of chinook and Columbus hops this beer is oozing with resin, pine, grapefruit and ripe pineapple. With American IPAs of all colors and flavor profiles we brought it back to its  roots with our take on a west coast style IPA.


6.8% ABV


Hops: Columbus, Chinook

Malts: Premium American Two row, Munich


Broad Hammer

With the strength of a broad sword and the power of a forging hammer this American Brown Ale is not to be wielded by the timid. Forged on a bed of complex malt flavors and aromas and filled to the brim with Chinook and Willamette hops this beer is packed with layers of chocolate, toffee, roast and caramel. There’s something new with every sip, take a swing with our Broad Hammer and see for yourself.


5.2% ABV


Hops: Willamette, Chinook

Malts: Premium American Two row, Chocolate, Dark Caramel, Victory