Seasonal (Mischievous Series)

Seasonal Beers (Mischievous Series)

Our Mischievous series is for the drinker seeking more adventure in the search for better beer. Our seasonal rotation pulls inspiration from all facets of the brewing industry. No ingredient is over looked as we push the envelope on what constitutes a seasonal offering.


Water Malone 

“He struggles to lift the weights, but I got a water Malone to keep me in shape” ok ok, not everyone gets the reference. Made popular on vine, a very strange man mispronounces water melon and BOOM, internet sensation. Water Malone is our gift to the south. A  refreshing American Wheat beer fermented on a couple hundred pounds of watermelon Puree. American ale yeast keeps the party clean and presentable but if  you prefer a more sour version Any time this stud is available so is his sister, Sour Malone.

Availability: June-August

4.5% ABV


Hops: Perle

Malts: American Wheat, Premium Two row, Honey malt, Victory


Amber Sun

American Amber Ales can run the gambit from malty almost sweet to IPA like. Ours falls right in between. Bursting with American hop flavor and aroma and a malt backbone to back it up Amber Sun drinks like its name sake, crisp, clean and warming. Although it may be a  perfect beer for any weather, we wanted to break away from the “typical” summer seasonal string of beers and capture the season its self in a glass. Have one for yourself and we think you’ll agree, its as beautiful as an Amber sun!

Availability: June-August

5.5% ABV


Hops: Cascade, Magnum, Willamette

Malts: Premium American Two row, Crystal malt, Chocolate