This page is for information on beers we brew throughout the years. For our list of what’s currently on tap, please visit our “taproom” page.

Curious Series - Our Flagship Beers

The Curious series is an intro to our brand. All well balanced beers but with their own distinct characters. Our core three are for those Curious about craft beer and all it has to offer.

Mischievous Series - Seasonal

Our Mischievous series is for the drinker seeking more adventure in the search for better beer. Our seasonal rotation pulls inspiration from all facets of the brewing industry. No ingredient is over looked as we push the envelope on what constitutes a seasonal offering.

Troublesome Series - Small Batch

Causing trouble, annoyance, or difficulty. Our troublesome small batch series does exactly that. With the original intention of turning over new beers every two weeks, our small batch series has become a monster! From a Smoked porter to a blood orange IPA, our rotation in the tap room changes more often than we can update and big batch seasonal offerings get old. So we developed a system to turn over new and fun beers in small batches and to keep our brewers creative and thinking outside the box. Check our social media pages for new beers or even better, come on down to the taproom! you never know what we’ll be pouring next, now isn’t that annoying!